Lingua Language Center at Broward College offers English Programs, Transcription & Interpreting Services in Fort Lauderdale and provides international student with a true American experience.
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Continuing Education Program

Through the Lingua School/Broward College partnership, our center is able to offer continuing education classes that are non-credit language programs ideal for anyone seeking to improve their language skills for personal and/or professional reasons.

These courses are offered within the Non-Intensive English Program at the Continuing Education Department of Broward College in many of the Broward College Campuses and Centers throughout Broward County, such as:

▪ North Campus
▪ Central Campus
▪ South Campus
▪ Miramar Center
▪ Coconut Creek Center
▪ Pembroke Pines Center

The following courses
are offered through
the Continuing Education

department at Broward College

Beginning English
Intermediate English
Advanced English
Business English
Accent Reduction and Let’s Talk (Conversation Class)
TOEFL Test Preparation
Foreign Languages:
o Spanish
o Italian
o Portuguese
o French
o Mandarin

The Continuing Education Department offers a self-assessment online to assist students in selecting the appropriate level.
Classes are between 6 to 8 weeks long and are conveniently offered during the day, evening, and on weekends.

Beginning English

Start communicating in English now! Take the first step towards increasing your opportunities for academic, professional and personal success and learn to converse with locals! Designed for non-English speakers with a limited knowledge of the English language.

Students will learn basic grammar structures and beginners vocabulary will be introduced through role-play and drills.

EDC 0751 42 HRS. $395
TR 1/19-3/3 6-9p SOU 538042
MW 2/1-3/23 10a-1p WES 538043

Those seeking to continue improving their language skills will benefit from this dynamic and interactive language course, taught with a proven natural and multisensory approach to ensure student success. For students with some prior knowledge and/or training in the English language. This course will provide more advanced grammatical structures and focus on developing additional vocabulary with emphasis on refining pronunciation. Increase your confidence!

EDC 0791 42 HRS. $395
TR 3/17-4/26 1-4:30p SOU 538044
MW 4/4-5/18 11a-2p MWC 538150

Intermediate English

Continued learning builds more confidence! Interaction in English will be made easier and more enjoyable as you gain knowledge and improve communication skills. Designed for students with some knowledge of the English language. Students will focus on more complex grammar skills through written and verbal exercises and practice advanced conversation. Students will increase their reading comprehension and develop additional vocabulary.

EDC 0919 42 HRS. $395
TR 2/16-4/7 6-9p NOR 538173
MW 2/17-4/11 10a-1p MWC 538155
MW 2/17-4/11 6-9p CEN 538178

Integrate all your language skills and learn by experience and participation! Fulfill your goals and unlock your potential with accelerated learning techniques. For the nonnative English student with an intermediate proficiency in the English language. Conversation will become more fluid as the student gains English vocabulary and practices advanced conversation skills in a relaxed social setting, with a focus on accent reduction. Advanced reading and writing skills will also be addressed.

EDE 0494 42 HRS. $395
MW 4/13-6/1 6-9p CEN 538191
TR 4/19-6/2 6-9p NOR 538182
MW 4/25-6/13 10a-1p WES 538186

Do you enjoy lively conversation and meeting new people? Engage in fun and stimulating conversation in a multicultural and entertaining atmosphere! Focus on improving and practicing conversation skills by discussing current events and trending topics in an informal setting. Students will enhance their fluency and pronunciation skills through discussion.

EDI 0300 24 HRS. $195
S 1/30-3/5 9a-1p SOU 538273

Accent Reduction

Express yourself!! For the intermediate to high-intermediate student of English. Learn techniques geared towards improving American English pronunciation and feel more confident while speaking. Practice proper stress, intonation and rhythm patterns and improve fluency skills for use in business or personal life.

EDC 0579 24 HRS. $195
S 1/30-3/5 9a-1p NOR 537981
MW 2/3-2/29 6-9p WES 537982

Continue to fine-tune your conversation skills! For the high-intermediate to advanced student of English. Catapult your social and business speaking skills to another level! Continue to practice proper stress, intonation and rhythm patterns and improve fluency skills.

EDC 0580 24 HRS. $195
S 3/19-4/23 9a-1p NOR 537985
MW 3/23-4/18 6-9p WES 537984

Foreign Language

Interested in language enhancement? Learning a foreign language can help you to better understand your own! Learn about the joys of speaking French in this beginner course. Designed to introduce basic structures through conversation and media. Perfect for business, personal or travel needs!

EDC 0259 24 HRS. $195
MW 2/3-2/29 6-9p CEN 538265

Did you know that Portuguese is spoken by over two million people in four continents? Enhance your business or personal skills and learn about the history, culture and music of Brazil. This course teaches basic grammar structures through conversation, oral drills and role-play. Designed for beginners.

EDC 0605 24 HRS. $195
TR 3/17-4/12 6-9p NOR 538038

Live in South Florida? You need this course! Learn Spanish for business or personal use and increase your potential and ability to converse in our multicultural community though reading, listening, writing and grammar activities. Special emphasis is placed on basic verb usage, sentence structure and vocabulary.

EDC 0187 24 HRS. $195
S 1/23-2/27 10a-2p NOR 537533
TR 1/28-2/23 6:30-9:30p CEN 537956
M 2/1-3/28 6-9p WHC 537525

Communicate with 350 million native Spanish speakers worldwide! Enhance your travel experiences! Our dynamic Spanish course will help to increase conversational skills and vocabulary development, while aiding students in conducting simple affairs.

EDC 0210 TBA $195
TR 3/17-4/12 6:30-9:30p CEN 537977
S 3/19-4/23 10a-2p NOR 537972

Learn the language of the “dolce vita”!! If you love art, fashion, history and food, this is the course for you! This beginner course will focus on learning basic structures and conversation skills though drills, media, reading and writing.

EDC 0838 24 HRS. $195
M 2/1-3/28 6-9p WHC 538263

Why study Chinese? China is one of the largest economies in the world and one of the largest trading partners of the United States. It also has a relatively uncomplicated grammatical structure, with no verb conjugation! This course is for the beginning student of Chinese and focuses on Mandarin Chinese characters, structures and conversation skills.

EDC 0837 48 HRS. $395
TR 2/11-4/12 6-9p SOU 538269

Interested in pursuing higher education? For the advanced English student interested in enrolling in a college/university program. Completion of sample TOEFL exams with a timer as in the actual test. Focus on helpful test-taking strategies, and practice and reinforcement of all four basic language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, in order to maximize results, improve accuracy and speed of testtaking.

EDE 0087 42 HRS. $525
MW 2/17-4/11 6-9p WES 538262

In these programs, you will:

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