Foreign Languages

Foreign Language Program

Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French & Mandarin Group Program

Foreign languages are also offered as Customized or Corporate Programs

Foreign languages are also offered as Customized or Corporate programs

Customized Language Program (CLP)

A minimum of three levels consisting of 36 Classroom hours and thirty six lab hours will provide students with the skills and confidence necessary to use the language of study in a variety of ways. The program's initial phase introduces students to extensive vocabulary and the basic structure of the language of study. Oral drills will allow students to understand and produce communication from early stages. Explanations are followed by examples and exhaustive oral and written practice to ensure rapid language acquisition. A cultural orientation of the regions where the language at task is spoken is included. This program is generally tailored to the individual client’s field of expertise, interest, location, schedule, learning style, and pace. It offers maximum personalized attention and participation. Students will master the specific language areas and jargon of their need, even under time constraints. We will also accommodate students on a flexible schedule, so they do not miss class or lose pay, should they have to fulfill special job requirements, such as traveling and ad hoc business meetings. The customized program includes private or semi-private classes for individuals, organizations and families.

Customized Language Boot Camp (CLBC)

The Customized Program can be offered in Spanish or English on an intensive schedule, to become a Customized Language Boot Camp.

Customized Corporate Language Program (CCL)

The curriculum is customized to the specific needs of the client organization, -medical, technical or legal. This program can be taught on-site in many languages per request. The most requested languages are Spanish, English, Portuguese, Creole, French, Italian. We can emphasize any aspect requested by the organization:

• Conversation
• Cross-Cultural Communication
• Written Business Communications
• Specialized Vocabulary
• Interviewing Skills
• Negotiations
• Accent Reduction
• Composition and Style
• Literary and Cultural Readings
• Effective Presentation Skills
• Social Business Language

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Camp Lingua (Language Summer Camp for children of all ages)

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