Lingua School Corporate Language Learning Programs

Investing in bilingual or multilingual skills adds value to an agile organization. Statistics show that bilingual or multilingual organizations have a competitive edge in multiple areas.

From large corporations to small businesses and individuals, being bilingual offers many benefits:

▪ Expand opportunities
▪ Position your organization in the global market
▪ Outperform the competition
▪ Improve overall performance, including employee productivity, communication, customer service and sales
▪ Opt for a higher position
▪ Follow safety procedures with confidence
▪ Converse with co-workers, friends, and/or clients in a new language
▪ Enjoy travel to the fullest extent

The Lingua Language Center at Broward College
is the Gateway between your Organization and the World!

Whether your needs are focused on language training for a corporate group or business unit, or you need to learn a language in a customized one-to-one setting, we serve the unique needs of bilingual professionals in the corporate world.

Our corporate language programs are offered, both in English and foreign languages, in each of the different learning levels. The programs are tailored to your corporate group or individual executive’s specific needs, learning style, schedule and location, as requested. They can be industry-specialized, including but not limited to the following industries:




Health Care








We can emphasize any aspect you choose for your organization

Our corporate clients have come from world renowned corporations such as

“I'd unleash your potential for success"