Lingua Language Center at Broward College offers English Programs, Transcription & Interpreting Services in Fort Lauderdale and provides international student with a true American experience.
225 East Las Olas Boulevard Sixth Floor
Fort Lauderdale
United States

The mission of the Lingua Language Center
at Broward College is to provide effective language education
leading to the mastery of a new language”

Lingua Language Center at Broward College is devoted to fulfill the mission of empowering students as well as language service clients with effective communication in English, Spanish, and many languages of the world.

Lingua offers quality language education through a proven natural, multisensory approach, delivered by professional educators who utilize engaging materials and technology, ensuring students’ success in the acquisition and mastery of a new language.

Lingua provides such education in an immersion, yet relaxed environment, in an ethical and professional way.

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• To promote high levels of competency in English and foreign languages, academic achievement and positive cross-cultural attitudes.
• To give students the opportunity to become fluent in English and foreign languages.
• To help students appreciate the value of diverse cultures and embrace the concept of becoming global citizens.
• To prepare students to compete in the modern world by teaching them with a natural multisensory approach and utilizing technology in the classroom.
• To provide students with the skills, knowledge, and work ethics for their successful academic, professional and personal linguistic development.
• To offer students consultative services regarding placement in higher education institutions, housing, transportation through partnerships within the community.
• To promote principles of equality, freedom and social justice among our students, particularly based on the existing diversity of our student base.

Lingua School History

Lingua Language School was founded in 1998, in Weston, Florida. Since its inception, Lingua has been serving an array of clients, ranging from corporate executives to international and domestic students. Our staff and language teachers are degreed and experienced (many possess MAs and PhDs) in linguistics or a related field. Throughout its existence, Lingua has engaged in language training of both local and international students from diverse cultures around the world. Among the programs Lingua has taught are the Intensive English Program (IEP), Conversation and Accent Reduction, TOEFL Test Preparation, Business English, Foreign Language and Customized and Corporate Programs for students of diverse ethnical background and executives and labor within corporations and government organizations with an international orientation.

In 2001, Lingua formed a partnership with an institution of higher education, Broward College, one of the nation’s largest institutions of its type, with a reputation for the pursuit of excellence, to serve the College’s corporate clientele. In 2013, the partnership expanded to serve international students in-house. The College serves more than 68,000 students annually and was named one of the top 10 community colleges in the nation by the Aspen Institute. Lingua is located in the Broward College Downtown Fort Lauderdale and Weston Centers. However, Continuing Education language programs are available in other Broward College locations throughout Broward County as well.

Lingua's Methodology

Lingua’s direct, natural approach to language training is called “Enter-Training”SM, (entertainment and training). It is technology-enhanced. Following the principles of neuro-linguistics (multi-sensory practice through visual, auditory and physical activities), we promote rapid language acquisition of communication skills for learners at all levels. Oral communication is primarily emphasized during class time, unless your program of study aims at a particularly different goal, i.e. TOEFL test preparation. In the case of customized programs, you will fill out a Student Profiles and Objectives form and take a Preferred Senses test to determine what your optimum learning channels are, so that your program is designed accordingly.

You will communicate confidently in a variety of situations. Since cross-cultural communication has become imperative to achieve social, professional, and academic success, all our programs emphasize the culture of the countries where the language of study is spoken. Language structure, pronunciation and vocabulary presented in the context of oral interaction will give you prompt conversational command of the language. Grammar is presented as a tool for communicative competence rather than an isolated skill. Classes are practical and client-centered.