Adult English Immersion Retreat


At our multicultural, multilingual, multinational, multifaceted...

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Acquire second language skills through your senses
engaging visual, auditory & physical activities!

You will be surrounded with the language at task, allowing you to intake it through your senses… because it has been scientifically proven that language acquisition occurs faster naturally, helping you to remember and evoke easier what you see, hear, touch and even smell.

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Create Your Own Mix

From Our Signature English Immersion Activities

  • Cha-la-la! English through Music
  • Yummy Yummy! English through Food
  • Al Fresco! English through Art
  • Au Theatre! English through Drama
  • Once upon a Time! English through Literature
  • Outdoor games, i.e., paintball, gagaball, archery, teambuilding, etc.
  • Yeehaw! English through Horseback Riding (optional)

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