English Conversation & Accent Reduction

English Conversation & Accent Reduction I

Express yourself! Learn techniques geared towards improving American English pronunciation and feel more confident while speaking. Practice proper stress, intonation and rhythm patterns and improve fluency skills for use in business or personal life.

English Conversation & Accent Reduction II & III

Continue to fine-tune your conversation skills! For the high-intermediate to advanced student of English. Catapult your social and business speaking skills to another level! Continue to practice proper stress, intonation and rhythm patterns and improve fluency skills.

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Which level ECAR is right for me?

Use our basic guidelines to determine your speaking proficiency and take our English self-assessment quiz to determine your writing abilities to best guide you in deciding which level is the correct one for you.

Conversation I

For beginners with little to no English fluency. Levels below A1-A1. Limited and very basic vocabulary, and use of grammatical structures can interact in very simple ways with limited fluency.

Conversation II

For high beginning to low intermediate students. Levels A2-B1. This level will range from student ability to communicate using limited information for everyday situations, and they may systematically make mistakes, to being able to express themselves reasonably accurately in familiar situations, but with basic fluency in predictable situations

Conversation III

For high intermediate-low advanced students. Levels B2-C1. This level will range from students who can give clear descriptions on most general topics with a medium-high degree of grammatical accuracy, although may exhibit some degree of hesitancy and "searching" for words, to a student who consistently maintains a high degree of accuracy on a broad range of subjects, with a higher degree of grammatical control and fluency in vocabulary and delivery.

*Students who identify at the C2 highest level of speaking proficiency according to the guidelines, please call Lingua for more information about private classes or arranging for private advanced group classes


**Note that in all of our ECAR classes, students may exhibit a range of speaking proficiencies.


Intensive English Program Morning Schedule
  • 12:30pm to 2:00pm | Monday to Thursday
  • 6 class hour per weeks / 3 sessions of 4-weeks
Intensive English Program Morning Schedule
  • 5:45pm to 9:00pm | Monday & Wednesday
  • 36 class hour / 6 weeks
  • 5:00pm to 6:30pm | Monday to Thursday (Coconut Creek only)
  • 6 class hour per weeks / 3 sessions of 4-weeks


For 6 weeks (twice a week) $395
For 4 weeks (4 times a week) $460


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