Spanish I

Live in South Florida? You need this course! For those with limited to no experience in Spanish Training. Learn Spanish for business or personal use and increase your potential and ability to converse in our multicultural community through reading, listening, writing and grammar activities. Special emphasis is placed on basic verb usage, sentence structure and vocabulary.

Spanish II

Communicate with 350 million native Spanish speakers worldwide! Enhance your travel experiences! Our dynamic Spanish course will help to increase conversational skills and vocabulary development while aiding students in conducting simple affairs.

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Intensive English Program Morning Schedule
  • 5:45pm to 9:00pm or 6:15pm tp 9:30pm | Monday & Wednesday
  • 36 class hours / 6 weeks


6 weeks (1 level) Book Included
12 weeks (2 levels) $690


Fort Lauderdale Coconut Creek Doral