July 27, 2021

¿Cuántos colombianos hablan inglés en 2021?

Según cifras del Departamento Nacional de Planeación de Colombia (DNP), solo 1,2 millones de colombianos hablan inglés. Eso a pesar de que el país tiene una […]
May 3, 2021

The importance of translations

With the arrival of the digital era, the profession of the translator has acquired a very important role. Not so many years ago, translators focused mainly […]
March 19, 2021

7 Steps to Learn English Quickly and Easily

1 – To learn how to speak English quickly and easily, the first thing you must do is lose fear The first step you need to […]
December 9, 2020

What is on your Bucket List and Why? by Guillermo Rosillo

Marcelo FurtadoLevel 6bTeacher: Guillermo Rosillo PerezEssay: What is on your Bucket List and Why? My bucket list is small, I am very grateful for all the […]
December 9, 2020

Looking for the “American Dream” by Juan Bello

Looking for the “American Dream”WHAT’S ON MY BUCKET LIST?JUAN BELLO IEP LEVEL 6PROFESSOR GUILLERMO PEREZ-ROSILLO When I came from Colombia in 2018 to the United States, […]
December 4, 2020

My Bucket list by Melanie Borjas

Lingua Language CenterMELANIE BORJAS IEP LEVEL 6Professor Guillermo RosilloOctober 2020 My Bucket list Since we are born, life compels us to look for different reasons to […]