Legal English at FIU

Legal English at FIU

Lingua Language Center's
Interactive Distance Learning Legal English Program
plus Law Workshops at Florida International University (FIU)

Law school and legal skills present difficulties for all students, even those who are native speakers. If English is not a student's native language, that student experiences additional challenges. Most students taking law classes are subjected to a completely new vocabulary. “Legalese” or “lawspeak” is an academic skill that even native speakers must study to learn, if they are to be an effective member of the legal profession. Many of the skills related to completing law school successfully are language skills. These include writing, reading, listening, analytic and oral presentation skills. The Legal English course focuses on providing the student the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in an English-speaking legal environment, with specific focus on legal vocabulary, oral and written argumentation, public speaking, and an overview of the American legal system.

Instructional Methodology

Our direct approach to language training will enable students to communicate effectively and confidently in a variety of situations. Since cross-cultural communication has become imperative to achieve social, professional, and academic success, all our programs emphasize the culture of the countries where the language of study is spoken and the Legal English course will additionally emphasize the specific legal vocabulary. Language structures and vocabulary presented in the context of oral interaction will give students prompt command of the legal jargon.

Classes are practical and client-centered. Teachers plan and structure activities using the theory of Multiple Intelligences and acknowledging the students’ individual learning styles. Oral communication is primarily emphasized. Students will communicate in the target language through oral drills, role-playing, discussions, conversations, and other practical techniques.

Interactive Distance Learning (IDL)

Lingua's Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) format allows for full interaction between instructor and students and student-to-student. Our state-of-the-art, collaborative virtual classroom platform allows for stimulating audiovisuals and provides students with a class experience comparable to in-person instruction with an online whiteboard, breakout rooms, and screen sharing capabilities.

Important information:

The Advanced course, (Legal English) is a non-degree seeking executive course, designed for professionals and students interested in perfecting their command of the English language in a professional field. This course is a non-credit course and therefore does not credit towards practicing law in the United States, nor are students taking this course considered accepted as students of Florida International University College of Law, it also does not provide academic credit to be applied to towards law programs or degrees offered by the FIU College of Law. During this course, students will be provided with information and guidance regarding the steps required to pursue legal studies or post-graduate degrees in the United States, the requirements to practice law in that country, or requirements related to other professional disciplines, but any student advising will be provided solely for informational purposes.

Legal English at FIU

Information Legal English at FIU A 36-hour course with the addition of 6 workshops at FIU.
The Legal English Program is taught by professional educators and enhanced using interesting and dynamic learning materials and state-of-the-art technology.
FIU workshops could be attended in-person at FIU College of Law or online.
Information Legal English at FIU Online and FIU College of Law (11200 SW 8 Street, RDB 1010 Miami, FL 33199)
Information Legal English at FIU Interactive Distance Learning (IDL):
Monday and Wednesday: 6:00 - 9:00 pm
FIU Law Workshops:
On Fridays
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