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Are you seeking an English program in Orlando? Search no more! Lingua Language Center is your best bet for premier language training in Central Florida at Lingua Orlando. Expert instructors, state-of-the-art facilities and a unique methodology await you, ensuring language learning in the most effective and efficient way.

*Authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students

Language Programs


Intensive English Program (IEP)

Information Intensive English Program Intensive English Program (IEP) provides students with extensive coverage of the structure and vocabulary of American English, but reflects the fact that English is a language for international communication and is not limited to any one country or religion. It also features communicative activities to enable the students to learn and use lively and natural language for everyday situations and for meaningful communication. Our programs consist of 8 levels of IEP and each consists of 12 weeks of duration.
We offer 3 different programs:
Intensive (IEP) 18-hour/week
Semi-Intensive (SIEP) 16-hour/week
Part-Time (PTEP) 12-hour/week
Information Intensive English Program Intensive English: 9:00am-2:00pm
Semi-Intensive English: 9:00am-1:30pm
Morning Part-Time: 9:00am-12:15pm
Evening Part-Time: 6:00pm-9:15pm
Classes are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
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English Conversation & Accent Reduction

English Conversation and Accent Reduction Program (ECAR)

Information Intensive English Program English Conversation and Accent Reduction (ECAR) provides additional speaking, listening comprehension and pronunciation practice. This course enables students to develop effective speaking skills and improve their fluency and pronunciation. It provides dynamic activities to help students reinforce all their English Skills, practicing proper stress, intonation and rhythm patterns, improving fluency skills for use in business or personal life. Courses open based on enrollment. ECAR is a 6-week class / 6 hours per week for a total of 36-clock hours per session.
Information Intensive English Program ECAR Level I: Monday & Wednesday - 6:00pm-9:15pm
ECAR Level II: Tuesday & Thursday - 6:00pm-9:15pm
36 class hours / 6 weeks
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Foreign Language Classes


Private, Semi-Private and Customized Programs

Information Intensive English Program Private, semi-private and customized programs are designed for individuals and groups seeking to master a new language at their own pace based on their specific needs and interests.
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