Benefits of Lingua's Language Programs in Florida

Lingua Language Center offers effective and affordable language programs in several locations across the state of Florida:
Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Coconut Creek, Doral, and Orlando.

These language programs usually offer the most benefits to individuals seeking to learn and master a new language. Besides always striving to deliver its mission of providing effective language education leading to the mastery of a new language, Lingua offers its students the opportunity to experience different campuses based on their lifestyles and geographical location.

Why choose lingua?

Lingua Language Center is in all, an internationally-flavored, family oriented, world renowned school where diverse cultures coexist in a friendly environment. Lingua holds the ACCET (Accrediting Agency for Continuing Education and Training) accreditation which ensures language learners high standards of education and the school’s best practices in the educational process. In addition to holding the ACCET accreditation, Lingua Language Center is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students to study in the U.S. This provides a unique opportunity for international students to live, learn and play while studying English in the United States.

Other important benefit associated to studying English at Lingua Language Center is that instructors apply a unique methodology EnterTrainingsm (entertainment and training) combining key aspects of training with fun elements of communication such as dialogues, playing oral drills, singing, acting, etc. They deliver interesting and dynamic classes with ample opportunities for student participation. The active use of this methodology ensures rapid acquisition for learners of all levels.

Lingua Language Center’s instructors are professionally certified and culturally oriented to better interact with students from all nationalities. Diversity is a key aspect in the school. Staff and instructors make diversity and inclusion a top priority. Celebrating the student population differences and unique contributions to the learning process via classroom interactions make Lingua classes unique and ideal to maximize the learning process.

Students who become a part of the Lingua family benefit from great quality student-teacher interactions. This is the result of carefully planned lessons and a low student-teacher ratio which optimizes the student’s learning experience.

Lingua Language Center also offers student support and guidance to international students in the areas of higher education orientation, housing, health insurance and transportation services so students can really focus on what important to them, learning a new language!

There are so many benefits of learning English or a foreign language. Amongst the most important ones are that individuals who master a new language are able to build self-confidence, become more open minded, improve the ability to multitask, boost memory, improve brain power and most importantly, enhance their academic, professional and personal value, enjoining fruitful conversations and interactions with foreigners and locals in another language.

At Lingua Language Center, our priority is to teach languages to students using valuable learning methods, modern technology, and qualified instructors. The correct combination of these factors makes the learning experience beneficial and effective to students from all over the world.

Lingua Language Center program benefits are unique and distinctive. The school programs are designed with the student in mind. Lingua has been in continuous operations for over 22 years and has served thousands of students. Lingua Language Center invites you to reach out and sign up for a program of study in any of its world class locations. Contact us to find out more about our courses and programs.

“Live, learn and play,
while enjoying the authentic American university
or college experience at Lingua Language Center”