Intensive English Program

  • Mariela Padrino
    Dear Teacher Daniel: Before I finish this course with you, I'd like to say a few words of gratitude: You're the best teacher! Thanks for your help. It was great to be your student and I will miss you, but I hope to see you again. You always helped me in many ways, and most importantly, I learned so much English in your class, and I'm very grateful for that. You always made a great effort, more than I've ever received before, and your optimism made me feel I could do it. I wouldn't have achieved this without your perseverance and the confidence that you gave me. My progress would have been impossible without your pushing me to succeed.
    Mariela Padrino
    IEP Student, Venezuela
  • Yeimy Paola Galindo
    I wanted to highlight the excellent work and commitment of the Lingua faculty, with whom I had the fortune to learn a lot and also overcome many of the language barriers that prevented me from moving forward in learning the English language. This has been one of the best experiences of my life as I not only learned English, but also met some wonderful people and made great friendships!
    Yeimy Paola Galindo
    IEP Student, Colombia
  • Luz Coba
    I feel very happy. I love my teacher Marcia. I understand everything. She is sensitive and she is always thinking of us. She is smart and she helps us. She tries to do everything perfect. Thanks Lingua. My dream to learn English came true.
    Luz Coba
    IEP Student, Colombia
  • Jenifer Rojas
    I am very happy and grateful with Lingua because in 4 months I learned a lot thanks to the help of the teachers. I am fascinated with the institute and also all the staff and teachers are excellent. Thanks for all the learning in such a short time. I started with 37 points and I retire with a score of 94. It's incredible because sometimes we feel insecure about ourselves but we should never underestimate ourselves! Thank you Lingua!
    Jenifer Rojas
    IEP Student, Venezuela
  • Victor Amaro
    “When I arrived at Lingua, everything matched with the slogan of the school: live, learn and play, and my interest to learn English increased…”
    Victor Amaro
    IEP Student, Dominican Republic
  • David Lu
    Great school where you meet with students of diverse cultures, different ages and with vast experience in different areas. Most importantly, our teacher guides us to understand each other’s differences!  
    David Lu
    IEP Student, China
  • Ahmed Mohamed
    I really enjoyed my educational experience at Lingua. It felt very nice to become a part of this great team at Lingua!
    Ahmed Mohamed
    IEP Student, Sudan
  • Claudia López
    Thank you Lingua! This has been the most important educational experience in my entire life. I love you guys.
    Claudia López
    IEP Student, Colombia
  • Sam Vatani
    Great people and great classes. What more could you want?
    Sam Vatani
    IEP student, Denmark


  • Ashira Mohammed
    "Lingua is the only place we go to for all of our professional translations...they provide fast turnaround times, super competitive pricing and most importantly, accurate, realistic translations...we highly recommend them to everyone..."
    Ashira Mohammed
    Pembroke Park Mayor
  • Jessica Vazquez
    Lingua truly goes above and beyond ensure that all translations are completed accurately and on time. The personalized service I receive is second to none
    Jessica Vazquez
    Stryker Latin America
  • Rebecca Daniels
    Your translation of our first substantial brochure produced for our customers in Latin America was excellent. Thank you once again for your support in this project
    Rebecca Daniels
    Avaya Communications
  • Mercedes Hanabergh
    Eastern Financial has relied on Lingua’s translation services for more than five years. The translations are completed by local professionals in a timely manner. Helpful staff and a fast turnaround
    Mercedes Hanabergh
    Space Coast Credit Union

Corporate & Customized

  • Steven Rosenberg
    Unusually superior to other learning methods in the past.
    Steven Rosenberg
    Tri Rail
  • Davide Daccico
    I wanted to thank you for the excellent experience that we had with Toya and your staff. I hope we will do business together next year with the other Doxee guys. Toya was amazing!!! All your staff were! We are in love with your company! Please extend my satisfaction to all your staff and top management.
    Davide Daccico
    Doxee Corporation
  • Patricia Epstain
    My husband and I were looking for a language class to learn Italian and were so glad to find Lingua!  I met with the General Manager, Erwin Richter, who made the sign up process easy and very pleasant, with his professional and friendly personality.  We have an excellent teacher, Professor Angela, who grew up in Italy and taught in the US for quite some time. Everyone in the class is very pleased and agrees that we couldn't ask for a better teacher!  We are enjoying the class, and are excited and hopeful to one day speak Italian fluently! Thanks to Lingua, Erwin Richter, Professor Angela, and all our class members! Sincerely,
    Patricia Epstain
  • David CH
    My experience was rewarding at Lingua. The teacher demonstrated subject knowledge and dedication in making me understand and learn. I don’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants to learn a new language
    David CH
    CH Enterprises, LLC
  • Herb Schultz
    I have seen a drastic improvement in my ability to converse in my new language in a short time, which hasv opened many business opportunities
    Herb Schultz
    Exclusive Agent - Allstate Insurance
  • Marlene Raisman
    Excellent, innovative and informative. Now I can talk both with patients and with other Spanish speakers inside or outside the hospital
    Marlene Raisman
    Broward Health
  • George Trimmings
    The teacher really made the class fun
    George Trimmings