Simultaneous Interpreting in South Florida

Simultaneous interpreting is the oldest and most reliable form of translation. Simply put, it involves an individual sitting with the client and, in real-time, translating what is being said into their native language and speaking it back to them. Before simultaneous interpretation became mainstream, speakers at multi-lingual events would have to pause constantly to allow translators to then repeat what was being said. This format was called consecutive interpretation, and it caused a huge waste of resources as people needed to wait for translations before continuing their business. In today’s world where your time has become more precious than ever, methods like this feel particularly antiquated.

Whether you realize it or not, you have probably all seen simultaneous and consecutive translation happening throughout your lives. The most public display of this practice occurs during United Nations meetings. At these meetings people from across the planet gather to discuss issues that will shape all of our futures. A full team of interpreters attends these events and either sit right next to their client or communicates with them through headsets in real-time, so that the vital issues being discussed are understood beyond the shadow of a doubt. Even at this grand of a scale, with global implications on the line, these government officials rely on simultaneous interpretation. If it’s good enough for the United Nations, it will definitely suit your needs as well.

Simultaneous interpreting Services You Can Trust

Our certified staff is well-trained and equipped to help you with all your interpreting needs. One of the most popular reasons to invest in this service is to help at business meetings and events. The business world has always been an international one, but the integration of multiple cultures and regions will only continue to grow. Rather than trying to learn a new language just for the occasional overseas business meeting, you can hire a simultaneous interpreter to handle all the heavy lifting for you. Your next conference, board meeting, or important business call can be a breeze with one of our interpreters by your side.

We also do a great deal of work interpreting at court. Legal issues can be hard enough to understand as it is, let alone without proper translations. Our team is well-versed in legal jargon and familiar with pitfalls that can take place from misunderstanding cultural language use. We treat all your interpreting needs seriously and ensure that you are getting all the information you need accurately and immediately. Even with fines and freedoms on the line, our team can be trusted to get the translations right for you.